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Greetings everyone,
Bayohne here with some exciting news!

The Chinese version of FFXIV has officially launched!

Operations are being handled by the Chinese game company Shanda Games on servers that are separate from Japan, North America, and Europe.

Shanda Games held a launch event on Wednesday, August 20, and Project Manager M was lucky enough to attend. I was so jealous... they must have lost my invitation!

The event took place at the Shanghai Symphony Hall.

There were some guests from Japan in attendance such as...

Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix

Yoshi-P and Soken were on hand as well.

The main attraction of the night was a special orchestra performance.

The orchestra performed four wonderful songs!
・Torn from the Heavens
・A New Hope
・And You! - A Realm Reborn Medley

The famous singer Shang Wenjie sang Answers!
I hear that her voice was so magnificent that Project Manager M got goose bumps!

Finally, they took a nice commemorative photo of all the VIP members!

They prepared special blue lighting for the outside of the venue to fit the image of FFXIV.

Of course, Soken couldn't resist being in the spotlight...

Shanda Games held a beautifully orchestrated performance for FFXIV, and we'd definitely like to host something similar in Japan, North America, and Europe in the future!

- Bayohne

We’re Ready for PAX Prime. Are You? Join us Aug. 29- Sept. 1 2014!

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If you’re heading out to PAX Prime this weekend, we’d love for you to come by and check out all of the action.

PAX attendees should prepare themselves for 4 epic days of portal storming, card slinging, and Hero playing awesomeness as this year’s booth will feature all-new builds for our most recent and upcoming games, hands-on time at demo stations, and awesome giveaways including a *limited quantity of PAX Prime exclusive pins. Pinny Arcade enthusiasts will be happy to learn that they could collect either the exclusive Elite Tauren Chieftain pin for playing Heroes of the Storm or the Iron Horde symbol for playing the Warlords of Draenor beta while visiting the booth. 

What: Hosted annually in Seattle, PAX Prime is a celebration of gaming culture and community
Where: The Washington State Convention Center booth #352 of the Expo Hall
When: August 29- September 1

As an attendee, here’s a taste of what you can expect at this year’s Blizzard booth:

  • Warlords of Draenor hands-on with the live beta featuring updated character models and the intro experience for the upcoming expansion.
  • A chance to find out what’s in the cards for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and experience all of the fun of epic card-slinging duels on the PC.  
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to play a brand-new demo for Heroes of the Storm, and be among the first to try out three exciting new heroes! New to the game or eager for some clutch tips? The Heroes Community Team will be on-hand to help get you up to speed and ready to brawl!
  • Blizzard developers will be on-hand to chat about your favorite games.
  • And did we mention there will be giveaways, prizes, and more? If not . . . there will be giveaways, prizes, and more!

Be sure to check the for the schedule, hotel and travel information, forums, and more. If you have an iPhoneAndroidBlackBerry, or Windows 7 smart phone, you can also download the official PAX Prime 2014 app from Guidebook for free.

We’re looking forward to a great PAX Prime 2014 and can’t wait to see everyone there!

*Pins are available while supplies last to those who visit the booth and play either Heroes of the Storm or Warlords of Draenor.

Tournament of Glory sign‑ups close September 5!

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Don’t forget to sign your team up for the Tournament of Glory, where you and four of your friends can compete for exclusive tournament armor, legendary crafting components, and other prizes. Every team that wins a single round in the event will also receive a Mini Llama of their very own!

Sign-ups for the Tournament of Glory will close at midnight Pacific Time on Friday, September 5, 2014, so be sure to visit the North American or European registration pages soon!


You can find more information on the Tournament of Glory in our original blog post here.

If you’re looking for something to satiate your competitive side, you can catch the “People’s 2v2 Tournament,” a community-funded PvP event hosted by our friends at Digital Professional Sports. The show goes live at 12:00 p.m. PDT (19:00 UTC) on Sunday, August 31, at

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

Power Hour: September’s Double Credits

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by Blender
TERA power hour

Power Hour is powering on in September!

Fight in Champions’ Skyring and Fraywind Canyon from 5–10 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday nights during September, and earn double credits.

  • Monday, September 1–Sunday, September 7: Fraywind Canyon
  • Monday, September 8–Sunday, September 14: Champions’ Skyring
  • Monday, September 15–Sunday, September 21: Fraywind Canyon
  • Monday, September 22–Sunday, September 28: Champions’ Skyring
  • Monday, September 29: Fraywind Canyon
TERA August Power Hour

Get Prepped for the Schools of Hard Knocks!

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by Blender
New School Uniforms

Are you prepared for school? Or are you the type where school had better be prepared for you? We’ve got uniforms from the Schools of Hard Knocks for sale in Valkyon Outfitters and Valkyon Outfitters Online.

Show your school pride by picking up a uniform from one of these schools:

  • Dragonfall Community College
  • Val Kaeli School of Combat
  • Sister of Frost
  • Seren’s Night School (for elins only)

If you want to show you’re a risk-taker, get a semi-enigmatic scroll and try your hand to acquire a uniform from one of the toughest schools:

  • Arcadian Academy Locker
  • Triple-T Locker (Tirkai Tactical Training)
  • Seren's Night School Locker may contain a dyeable school uniform for elins only.

While these uniforms are for human females, high elf females, castanic females, and elins, everyone can pick up new spectacles, backpacks, and caps!

RIFT Behind the Scenes with… RoughRaptors?

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It’s always good to welcome a new dev to the RIFT team, but it’s especially fun when it’s someone you feel like you already know. Long-time player RoughRaptors (now to be known as SupermanSocks), a very vocal member of the Community, was a familiar face for us here on the team. When his resume slid across our desks, we were very excited to bring him into the fold.

Now that RoughRaptors has settled in, Community Manager Ocho sat down to grill him ask him a few questions about what it’s like to have his dream job!

Ocho: How long have you been playing RIFT?

RR: I tried RIFT in one of the beta events, although I can’t remember which. I started playing seriously day one of Head Start, which was February 24th, 2011 I think? So about three and a half years and still going strong!

Ocho: How did you find out about RIFT? What made you want to start playing?

RR: I found out about RIFT through another MMO actually. My guild at the time was going to switch to RIFT, and I decided to join them. I didn’t know much about the game to start, but soon became interested in the versatility of the Soul system, which is something I had never seen before in an MMO. It didn’t take long to learn more about aspects (both PvP and PvE) within the game I thought sounded like fun. I decided to follow my guild and give it a try … and fell in love.

Ocho: What’s your history with RIFT, what are some of your favorite moments in game?

RR: I can definitely say I have a very long and rich history within the game of RIFT. I started in a very small, unknown guild before being recruited into a larger progression raiding guild around June of 2011, <Breaking Bads> (BB). That’s when my hardcore raiding history for RIFT started. This was a very tight-knit, friendly group of people. It was easy to get hooked on the content because we were such close friends and had so much fun together (even while progressing on new content).

After BB disbanded, I was still hooked on raiding. I moved up into a larger guild <No Quarter>, and despite much controversy, we became the top guild in the world at the end of Chocolate RIFT. Along the way, I realized that being a not-so-nice person in RIFT was, well … not so nice. I had a major attitude adjustment both in-game and in real life (and have become a nicer and more helpful person for it).

I left the guild shortly after Storm Legion was released due to some internal political disagreements for another raiding guild, <Addiction>. Recently, the RIFT section of <Addiction> was disbanded, and I moved on to my current guild, <Vendetta>.

Needless to say, I’ve had my ups and downs being in so many guilds over the years, especially with how guild politics can sometimes be near the top-end, but I’m still here and doing my best when it comes to new content coming out. Back to BB, though: we joked around a ton, we sang songs after important boss kills, we even had a musician in the guild and he would sing songs during raids and play the guitar, and it was absolutely hilarious to listen to and raid at the same time. I guess I could go with the typical “My favorite moment was when we world first-ed X boss”, but in reality, it was when I was with my friends. That’s all anyone should need in an MMO to keep them going – a strong set of friends.

Of course I’ve done more than raid with my time in RIFT. I helped test new content before it was released to the public, wrote a lot of Warrior guides, streamed via Twitch, and created YouTube videos (including a new series that just concluded Tier 2 boss guides, RawRR: Raiding along with RoughRaptors). I also spent a lot of time talking to the developers, giving constructive criticism regarding aspects of the game that they wanted to be tested.

Ocho: How have you changed over the course of playing RIFT?

RR: I’ve changed a lot. If you knew me at the launch of RIFT, you might have noticed I was a little rough around the edges. I was a bit of a troll. Over time, I sort of mellowed out and realized that I should focus more on being constructive and helping others, as trolling kept people from taking what I said seriously. This transition happened around the release of Free-to-Play, so you can say that I went from “RR#1TrollWorld” to the person I am now in the span of about two years.

Now I try to give as much constructive feedback as possible, I write guides to help new players, I answer PMs in-game and on the forums, and post video guides to help out players progressing in raid content. I mean, sure, some troll still exists in me, but really who doesn’t have a little bit of troll living inside?

Ocho: What made you want to become part of the RIFT team?

When I was a kid, my dad and I would play games together, and by kid, I mean child – about three or four years old. He started me off on the good stuff: Doom, Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem … what 4-year-old could pass up on those kinds of games?

I’ve been a gamer ever since, and straight out of high school I went off and got an Associate’s Degree in Game Development. With that experience, I decided to continue my education toward a degree in Computer Science. During college, I played many, many MMOs, and RIFT was what really stuck with me. This was only enhanced by the RIFT team and Trion in general, though. After playing so much and getting to know the developers through testing, podcasts, and streams, I learned a bit about the culture here and what it’s like. Everyone was nice, everyone was willing to listen to feedback, and everyone seemed interested in getting to know us players on a personal level, which was very nice compared to other games where developer contact with players is non-existent. It was really that combination of my love for RIFT, games, and this new level of developer-community interaction that drove me to apply for a position at Trion.

Ocho: What about working at Trion surprised you? How has it changed your perspective on RIFT?

RR: I was surprised about how nice people were here. I mean, I knew that they were nice, but I never expected the reception I received, and this also goes for all other employees in general. We are treated with a lot of respect and it really means a lot and feels good to be part of a close team like this. And while I already respected the Trion team, after seeing how much effort goes into all the small details, I’ve been really blown away. I give tons of props to the people here who work extremely hard on things that go unnoticed every day.

Ocho: What are some of the current projects you are working on?

RR: The majority of my responsibilities so far have been a lot of bug fixes and some new feature implementations. I’ve also created some additions to tools for designers to use to make things easier for them or give them additional utility when creating content. Examples would include some pretty cool transcendent Dream Orbs that always provide the maximum-possible item stat gain and automatically change based on class and item level. It’s super helpful for testing things. I’ve also made an internal command for developers, mostly raid designers, to teleport entire raids to you. From now on, they can just use one ability instead of manually summoning 20 people one by one (it also resurrects and full-heals you on cast). I’m evil, though, and created a second one that instakills the entire raid and summons them to you as well – a handy way to quickly reset a fight.

I look over the build systems as well, meaning that I basically check if something has failed internal checks because there are errors with it. I then find out what exactly is wrong, why it’s not working, who submitted it, and then inform them of it so it can be fixed and we can successfully push new data to test or live servers. Along with this, without being too specific, I’ve been tasked to refactor some things to make engineering life a bit easier for everyone. Finally, I’ve been working very hard on creating some new and very exciting 3.0 features that I’m unable to currently talk about but will be revealed soon!

Ocho: Anything you’d like to say to other folks who might be interested in working at Trion?

RR: DON’T DO IT, IT’S A TRAP! No, really though, if you feel like you have the passion to work on top-quality games along with the skillset to do so, I highly recommend applying. I was hesitant at first but then I realized that the worst thing they can say is no. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to get a job here. I was just a kid fresh out of college and looking for any job I could get my hands on, yet I managed to land my dream job. If it would be yours, too, give it a shot and apply to an open position. Regardless of where you’ve worked in the past, if you have the passion and skills, we could see you here soon!

Ready Up: Episode 21

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This week on Ready Up, join our Competitive Events Manager and host Josh Davis and Competitive QA Embed, Jessica Boettiger as they talk about the upcoming World vs World Fall Tournament and cover updates to recent competitive events.

Also, be sure to stay tuned until the end of the show for the final installment of the Skill Bar with Karl McLain where he will preview upcoming changes to the guardian and necromancer professions.

The show starts Friday at 12:00pm PDT (19:00 UTC) on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel!